Tom Holmes

Alabama Senate 35

Duty to God. My first duty each and every day is to God. I am a person of Christian faith and practice my faith every day. I respect the religious beliefs of others and the dignity of all human beings.

Duty to Country. My second duty is to our state and country. I respect the laws of our country and the right of every citizen to exercise his/her right to vote.

Laws. We are a nation of laws. I support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Alabama, and all local, state, and federal laws. When elected, I will abide by these laws. If I think these laws are unfair, I will work with others to change them in any legal way possible.

Education. Every Alabama child and student should have the opportunity for a free and appropriate quality public education. I support adequate state funding for all Alabama public schools.

Health Care. I believe that all Alabamians deserve to have affordable, accessible, and quality health care.

Adequate State Budgets. Health care, mental health, developmental disability, child care, public safety, and many other state services are vital to helping families build a better life. I support adequate state funding for essential public services. 

Tax Reform. Many Alabama families pay twice as much of their incomes in state and local taxes as top earners do. I support tax reforms that would make state taxes fairer for all. 

Fair Wages. Wages have been stagnant for many years and have left many hard-working Alabamians falling behind and struggling to make ends meet. I support fairer wages for all. 

Public Transportation. To meet basic needs, Alabamians need public transportation available to get them where they need to go. I support designated state funding for public transportation to meet the needs of all Alabamians, especially in rural, suburban and urban areas.

Term Limits. State legislators should be limited in how many times they may be elected. I support a limit of two (2) terms for all legislators.

Housing Revenue. Alabamians need safe, affordable housing. The state Housing Trust Fund (HTF) was created in 2012 to build, rehabilitate and maintain housing for Alabama families. I support dedicated state support for the HTF to expand affordable housing for thousands of families, veterans, and people with disabilities in Alabama, especially in rural areas.

Second Amendment. I am a gun owner and hunter, and I support the Second Amendment.

Criminal Justice System. I believe that we need significant improvements in our state’s criminal justice system. I will work with other legislators to reform our state laws and improve our state’s correctional facilities.